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Small Deciduous Shrubs

Small Deciduous Shrubs

Blackberry, Allegheny

(Rhubus allegheniensis)

Height - 3' to 8'

Soil - Drained

Fruit - Summer - Early Fall with Black Druplets

Very important late-summer bird food; at least 40 bird species eat the fruit as do Raccoons, Squirrels & Box turtles.  Excellent source of cover for wildlife.

Blueberry, Highberry

(Vaccinum corylasum)

Height - 6' - 15'

Soil - Well drained

Fruit - Early Summer to Fall with Blueberries

Excellent cover and favorite nesting site for a number of birds.  Preferred food for Robins, Bluebirds, Orchard Orioles and 34 other bird species, as well as black bears, white-footed mouse, chipmunk and other wildlife eat the fruits.

Blueberry Lowbush

(Vaccinum angustifolium)

Height - up to 2'

Soil - Acid/Drained

Fruit - Early Summer to Fall with blueberries

Very important wildlife food preferred by 24 species of birds eat the fruit as do several mammal species.


(Symphoricarpos orbiculatus)

Height - 2' - 5'

Soil - Variety

Fruits - Early Fall - Early Winter with purple-red berry

Hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers. Forms dense thickets and is useful in erosion control.  At least 14 bird species eat the berries. Also used a larval food for Hummingbird Moth.

Dogwood, Red Osier

(Cornus stalonifera)

Height - 4' - 8'

Soil - Variety

Fruits - Late Summer with White Drupe

Important for songbirds in providing cover during the summer and produces al crop of fruits eaten by 18 bird species including Turkey, Ruffed Grouse, Catbird and Purple Finch.

Elderberry, American

(Sambucus candensis)

Height - 3' - 10'

Soil - Moist

Fruits - late Summer - purple fruit

Forms dense thickets and is a good nesting site and cover area for birds.

Huckleberry, Black

(Gaylussacia baccata)


Height - up to 3'

Soil - Dry

Fruits - Summer - Early fall with Black berries

Forms low shrub and at least 24 bird species eat the fruit.

Raspberry, Black

(Rubus accidentalis)


Raspberry, Red

(Rebus ideaus)

Height - 3' to 6'

Soil - Black - Rocky & Rich

        Red - Drained, Poor

Fruits - Summer with Black or Red Drupletts

Rose, Meadow

(Rosa blanda)


Rose, Virginia

(Rosa virginiana)

Height - up to 6'

Soil - Variety

Fruits - Summer - Early Fall with Scarlet hips

Important for food & cover for wildlife, natural hedges, frequent nest sites for many birds - at least 20 birds species eat the hips.

Serviceberry, (many species)


Height - up to 4'

Soil - Variety

Fruits - Early Summer into Early Fall with Purple-Black Pome

Important summer food for many birds including Cedar Waxwings and Bluebirds

Snowberry, Common

(Symphoricarpos albus)

Height - 3' - 4'

Soil - any (even clay!)

Fruit - Late Spring - Summer, white berry

Valuable wildlife plant that tolerates city conditions and does well as a lawn boarder or in a forest understory.  At least 8 species of birds eat the fruit.

Spicebush, common

(Lindera benzion)

Height - 2' - 8'

Soil - Fertile/Moist/Drained

Fruits - Summer - Fall with Red Drupe

Fruits eaten by at least 15 birds including Wood Thrush & Veery. Larval food of Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly and Promethea Moth. We have them growing abundantly in the woods! One of my all time favorites!




 Coral Berry - Marleen






 Spice Bush



 American Elderberry



Redosier Dogwood

Redosier Dogwood


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